Ultimate is defined as the best achievable or imaginable of its kind. Our mission at Ultimate International Miss is simple - we want to inspire young women to be the ultimate version of themselves. We strive to help girls understand that truly embracing who they are will allow them to become their personal best. We hope this inspires them to achieve goals and dreams they have only ever imagined.


Your experience at Ultimate International Miss will be just that- Ultimate! Our required and optional competitions are designed for our girls to showcase their unique talents and abilities in a fair and stress-free environment, complete with all the style and glamour you would expect from an international pageant. We have also included meticulously planned parties and events to make sure your pageant weekend is entertaining and memorable.


Created by two former state pageant directors who have 35 years combined in the pageant industry - we have a firm grasp on what makes a pageant great for everyone involved. Our pageant experience includes having daughters who have competed in numerous local, state, and national pageants – including Teen USA. Rest assured knowing that this organization was created with pageant competitors and their families in mind.


Our goal is to provide girls with the absolute best that pageantry has to offer in all aspects - competition, experience, prize package, parties & events, opportunities, and more! Understand that our number one priority is and always will be YOU - and we promise to never lose sight of that! 


We cannot wait to welcome you to the sisterhood at Ultimate International Miss! 


Brandis Caldwell

Being a pageant mom & former state director, pageants are kind of my JAM! I love everything about them and put 100% of my heart into every pageant I've produced. I cannot wait to show you all the things we have in store for Ultimate International Miss...It's going to be EPIC! 

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Michelle Ponder-Maney

Directing pageants has been my PASSION for many years and I can't wait to share my ULTIMATE dream with all of you! I am so excited to welcome you to Ultimate International Miss family! It's going to be an amazing adventure, we have so many things planned. Are you ready to be ULTIMATE?

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