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There is no state pageant in Georgia for 2024; however, you do have a state coordinator who will be there every step of the way to help you prepare for internationals 2024.


Georgia & Peach State Junior Princess (ages 4-6)

Georgia & Peach State Princess (ages 7-9)

Georgia & Peach State Preteen (ages 10-12)

Georgia & Peach State Junior Teen (ages 13-15)

Georgia & Peach State Teen (ages 16-18)

Georgia & Peach State Miss (ages 19-25)

Georgia & Peach State Ms./Mrs. (ages 19-44) * 

Georgia & Peach State Elite Ms./Mrs. (45+)*

*Any marital status, children allowed.

Ages as of January 1, 2024





Chasity Banks, a dynamic 35-year-old, is not just a dedicated educator but also a fierce advocate for young women and girls in the world of pageantry. With a heart full of passion, she pours her energy into being a mentor and unwavering support for those aspiring to shine on the pageant stage.

As a 4th-grade Science and Social Studies teacher, Chasity imparts not only knowledge but also essential life skills to her students. Her classroom is a nurturing environment where confidence and curiosity are encouraged, values that she seamlessly extends to her role as a pageant mom.

Chasity's own journey in pageantry began in her teenage years and has since evolved into a mission to empower the next generation. She understands the challenges and triumphs that come with the pageant world and is dedicated to ensuring that young women and girls have the guidance and encouragement they need to thrive.

Beyond the classroom and the pageant stage, Chasity's creative spirit finds expression in crafting, which serves as a platform to instill creativity and self-expression in her mentees. Her crafting projects are not just artistic endeavors but also a means of building confidence and resilience.

An avid traveler, Chasity believes in broadening horizons and fostering cultural appreciation. She shares her love for exploration with her pageant mom friends, and together, they create a supportive network that uplifts and inspires.

Chasity Banks is more than a teacher and a pageant mom; she's a mentor and advocate who believes in the potential of young women and girls. Her journey is dedicated to guiding and supporting them on their path to success in pageantry and in life.

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