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Illinois & Prairie State

There is no state pageant in Illinois for 2024; however, you do have a state coordinator who will be there every step of the way to help you prepare for internationals 2024.


Illinois & Prairie State Junior Princess (ages 4-6)

Illinois & Prairie State Princess (ages 7-9)

Illinois & Prairie State Preteen (ages 10-12)

Illinois & Prairie State Junior Teen (ages 13-15)

Illinois & Prairie State Teen (ages 16-18)

Illinois & Pairie State Miss (ages 19-25)

Illinois & Pairie State Ms./Mrs. (ages 19-44) * 

Illinois & Pairie State Elite Ms./Mrs. (45+) *

*Any marital status, children allowed.

Ages as of January 1, 2024





Arteja Stamps is, above all, a mother. She's the guiding force behind two lively teenage daughters and a steadfast partner in her marriage of almost 20 years. Born in the heart of Chicago, she carries with her the warmth and grit of the city. Her journey began with a heartfelt mission: to tackle child hunger head-on. And so, in 2018, she poured her heart into creating FACS (Fight Against Childhood Starvation), which today spreads hope across the nation. But Arteja knew there was more to be done. In 2020, she brought to life G.I.R.L. Yes, Inc. Here, she combines her love for pageantry with her passion for mentorship, coaching young girls to not only dream but to achieve those dreams, whether on the pageant stage or in their daily lives. Her dedication to personal growth and community shines bright with her recent title as Mrs. Arkansas Curve’ Globe, a proud nod from the Mrs. Globe Foundation. It's not just about the crown for Arteja; it's about the change and inspiration it represents. With the unwavering support of her husband, they introduced 'Inner Beauty Unleashed' in 2022, capturing the stories of pageant queens dedicated to making a difference. Holding titles like Pure International, Ms. USA 2020, and Mrs. Arkansas International 2022, Arteja knows firsthand the power of such platforms. In Arteja Stamps, we find a blend of resilience, warmth, and dedication. She's a reminder that with passion and hard work, one can truly make a difference while juggling the roles life hands us.

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